Edgar Allan Poe

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  • Ur almost always adorable on twitter with those weird ass comments and facts about science and id want to hug you tight nd tussle youre hair but when ur genuinely passionately angry about sumthing ur witty af and those snide remarks split air and I take a mental note to nvr pick a fight w u lol

    Asked by Anonymous

    Not sure whether or not this is a message of admiration or confession ahhaha

    Nonetheless I’m grinning :-) x thanks doll


    This is the story of the mountain, Mauao.

    Long ago in the forests of Hautere there stood three mountains. The chief, Otanewainuku, the lovely Puwhenua, and the nameless one. The nameless one was in love with Puwhenua, but she was in love with the mighty Otanewainuku. He had captured her heart with his tall majestic trees. The nameless one was heartbroken. He decided to drown himself in the sea.

    He asked the Patuparaihe (bush fairies) to drag him down to the sea to drown. One night they tied ropes around him and dragged him from the forest. His tears left rivers behind him, and channels formed where he was dragged. As he was dragged nearer to the sea the sky began to lighten. Then with a great jump up leapt Te Ra the sun. The Patu dropped their ropes and fled back to the darkness of the forest. Before they left the gave him a name. Mauao - caught by the dawn.

    Many years later when people came to live here they gave him another sacred name. Maunganui (big mountain) To this day he proudly guards the entrance to our beautiful harbour and watches over his people. No longer nameless, forever proud.

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